Avast Mobile Security Premium for Android – 1-Year / 1-Device


Product Details

Brand: Avast
Manufacturer Part #: AMS.1.12m
Our Part #: AVS-AMS.1.12m
Availability: In Stock
Media Type: Download
Platform: Android 6+



Avast Mobile Security Premium is the paid version of the app. With a paid Premium subscription, you can take advantage of the following premium features for Android:

  • Remove ads: Eliminate third-party ads from your Avast Mobile Security experience.
  • App Lock: Protect access to your apps with a PIN.
  • Anti-Theft: Use additional options that help you protect and locate your lost or stolen device.
    • Last known location: Sends a location notification to your Avast Account when the device battery is dying.
    • PIN security: Locks your device and sounds an alarm after 8 failed unlock attempts.
  • Scam Protection: Scan links before opening in your browser to protect you from phishing scam websites.
  • Photo Vault: Secure storage of an unlimited number of photos.
  • Avast direct support: Receive prioritized responses to your support inquiries.


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